Friday, 8 October 2021

Oil rigs and their ships (Spartan Games)

Welcome to the first of my Dystopian Wars posts 馃榾. Back in the day, I liked this game so much that I bought ~8 boxes of minis for it. However, those are my first painted ones 馃槵


Yup, exactly - those are the very first models for DW that I actually painted. After buying 10+  boxes of ships and terrain pieces. But well, better now than never. Plus, I want to finally paint my collection.

These ships come from the Merchant Fleet box. Unfortunately, over all of these years I lost the Apollo Carriers and the box itself 馃槦

The one thing I didn't like are the HDF legs for the platforms. They look weird and off-putting for me, so I decided to build my own from the plasticard tubes and profiles. As an inspiration I googled for some totally random photos of oil rigs. The first prototype:

And the rest, with French frigate for scale. 

Than it was simply a matter of dropping the platforms on and priming them in resin primer. I also cut down some pipes from the original bottoms. Because, why not.

Painting process started:

Paint plus and oil wash later:

As a terrain bonus, I decided to test paint three ships. They all share the same hull, but different drop ons.
Two of these I painted as a standard cargo ships with cranes, bringing something and a new wooden/iron top of the tower. Third one I think was supposed to be a Q-ship with concealed guns, but I painted as a Search And Rescue ship. Once again, google graphics "search and rescue ship" to the... ummm... rescue?

As usual, I painted everything in parts:

And after a coat of protective semi-gloss (which annoyingly decided to leave white spots all around) everything was done 馃榿

And the ships themselves:


  1. Fajne, sam zastanawia艂em si臋 czy nie wej艣膰 w ten system. Ostatecznie jednak si臋 jeszcze nie zdecydowa艂em bo pozosta艂e gry w ca艂o艣ci poch艂aniaj膮 m贸j bud偶et i czas. Ale mo偶e kiedy艣...

    1. Ja wszed艂em za czas贸w spartan games, wtedy system by艂 o wiele bardziej rozwini臋ty. Ale obecny w艂a艣ciciel naprawi艂 najwi臋kszy problem gry: patologicznie d艂ugie zasady.
      Plusem te偶 jest to 偶e to wszystko jest ma艂e - statki na du偶膮 gr臋 schowasz do pude艂ka w kieszeni 馃榿

  2. Jak na takie male艅stwa, to naprawd臋 nie藕le pomalowa艂e艣 te modele.

    1. dzi臋ki :)
      jak pisa艂em, to testowe malunki, zanim zabior臋 si臋 na powa偶nie za moj膮 flot臋. Wbrew pozorom same statki s膮 malutkie wi臋c szybko to idzie, czas zabiera g艂贸wnie schni臋cie dw贸ch washy olejnych.


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